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2023-2024 Catalog 
2023-2024 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Middle-Level Education

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Program of Study

The Middle-Level Program prepares teachers to work with young adolescents in grades 5-9. Upon completion of all tests and other requirements, graduates of the program may hold a Multiple-Subject Credential and a Single-Subject Credential with Authorization to Teach English Learners. They will also receive a CSUSM-issued Certificate of Advanced Study in Middle-Level Education.

Coursework is taught at a middle school site with class sessions and assignments geared to the particular needs of middle school teachers and young adolescent learners. Field experiences are planned and coordinated with a small number of partner middle schools. Supervision of the clinical practice experience is the shared responsibility of a university supervisor (a team member assigned to one school) and an on-site liaison at the middle school (a full-time employee at the site).

This series of courses has been specifically designed to prepare teachers for the diversity of languages often encountered in California public school classrooms. The authorization to teach English learners is met through the infusion of content and experiences within course requirements.

Admission Requirements same as Multiple-Subject with the addition of a passing score on at least one Single-Subject CSET.

Student Learning Outcomes

The student (candidate) learning outcomes are defined by SB 2042 as Teaching Performance Expectations. CSUSM School of Education adopted one additional TPE beyond the state requirements in order to explicitly address concepts stated in the SOE Mission Statement and the needs of young adolescents in middle schools. The full text of the TPEs can be found at: http://www.csusm.edu/soe/documents/credential/clinicalpractice_general/ctc_tpe_fulltext.pdf

TPA and TPE Assessment

All candidates entering programs that result in the issuance of a Multiple- or Single-Subject Credential must pass the embedded Teaching Performance Assessment (TPA) before an online recommendation of the credential can be submitted to the Commission on Teacher Credentialing by the CEHHS, Student Services Office.

Clear Credential Requirements

Successful completion of the program, and state required assessments, results in issuance of a Preliminary 5-year credential. 2042 Standards require employment as a full-time teacher and completion of an induction program, or clear credential requirement to qualify for the Clear Credential.

Middle-Level Certificate Program

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