Jan 23, 2022  
2021-2022 Catalog 
2021-2022 Catalog

Art History Minor

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Program of Study

The Minor in Art History offers students a program of integrated study in modern and contemporary art history, visual culture and cultural theory. Students will become versed in approaches to art history and visual culture through perspectives that focus on the contributions of peoples whose art has not received the recognition and critical study that it deserves.

Students will be introduced to the study of art history and visual culture through engaged viewing and critical study of visual art in class and outside of the classroom: in museums, artists’ studios and within the landscape and the everyday world (site-specific environmental artwork, and artists’ billboards, as examples).

The Art History Minor expands the traditional notion of art and allows students to approach art actively as a form of social, political and personal expression, and as a catalyst for rethinking the traditions of art history itself.


The Art History Minor consists of twenty-one (21) units of credit. All courses submitted for the minor must be completed with a grade of C (2.0)or better. Courses submitted for the minor may also be used to fulfill General Education requirements. At least twelve (12) units of coursework submitted for the minor must be completed at CSUSM. Art, Media, and Design majors and Visual and Performing Arts: Arts and Technology majors may pursue this minor if nine (9) units are mutually exclusive, i.e., not double-counted for the major and minor.

One Course in Dance, Music, or Theater Arts (Studio or Critical Theory): (3 Units)

Total (21 Units)