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2020-2021 Catalog 
2020-2021 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Multiple-Subject Credential Program/English Learner Authorization with Middle Level Certificate

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Program of Study

The Multiple-Subject with Middle Level Certificate Teacher Education Program is designed to prepare teachers to work with young adolescents in grades 5-9. Graduates of the program will hold a Multiple-Subject Credential with Authorization to Teach English Learners as well as a Certificate of Advanced Study in Middle Level Education. The Middle Level Program provides the candidate with the flexibility to teach in elementary and middle schools.

The Middle Level Program provides focused preparation in teaching, learning, and schooling for youngsters in the middle grades. Coursework is taught at a middle school site with class sessions and assignments geared to the particular needs of middle school teachers and learners. Field experiences are planned and coordinated with a small number of partner middle schools. Supervision of the clinical practice is the shared responsibility of a university faculty advisor (a teaching team member assigned to one school) and an on-site supervisor at the middle school (a full-time teacher at the site).

Admission Requirements same as Multiple-Subject.

It is recommended students obtain certification to teach departmentally in a subject area. There are three options currently available:

  1. State-approved examination in a single subject content area. Refer to, or call (760) 750-4277 for further information.
  2. Subject Matter Programs. California State University San Marcos offers some Single-Subject Subject Matter Programs. Please contact the College of Humanities, Arts, and Behavioral and Social Sciences for eligibility.
  3. Subject Matter Authorizations. The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC) approved requirements for adding Subject Matter Authorizations as an alternative method of demonstrating single subject content knowledge based on specific coursework. Detailed information is available in the CEHHS, Student Services Office and workshops are conducted throughout the academic year. Please call (760) 750-4277 to register to attend Subject Matter Authorization workshop.

    Supplementary authorizations may also be added. Supplementary Authorizations in core academic areas are not compliant with No Child Left Behind (NCLB). Options 1 and 2 qualify candidates for the Single-Subject Credential upon successful completion of the Multiple-Subject Credential Program with Middle Level Certificate.

Student Learning Outcomes

The student (candidate) learning outcomes are defined by SB 2042 as Teaching Performance Expectations. CSUSM School of Education inserted additional TPEs beyond the state requirements in order to explicitly address concepts stated in the SOE Mission Statement and the needs of young adolescents in middle schools. The full text of the TPEs can be found at:

TPA and TPE Assessment

Please Note: Beginning July 1, 2008, all candidates entering programs that result in the issuance of a Multiple- or Single-Subject Credential must pass the embedded Teaching Performance Assessment (TPA) before an online recommendation of the credential can be submitted to the Commission on Teacher Credentialing by the CEHHS, Student Services Office.

Clear Credential Requirements

Successful completion of the program, and state required assessments, results in issuance of a Preliminary 5-year credential. New 2042 Standards require employment as a full-time teacher and completion of an induction program to qualify for the Clear Credential.

Middle Level Certificate Program

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