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2024-2025 Catalog 
2024-2025 Catalog

Film Studies Minor

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Markstein Hall, 257

(760) 750-8574

Program Coordinator:
Marion Geiger, Ph.D.

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Program of Study

Film is an art form that defines our time, offering penetrating insights into human behavior, cultural and social change, and the relationship between past and present. The Minor in Film Studies enables students to examine film and film making through a series of courses covering the history, aesthetics, social and cultural impact, and criticism of the motion picture.

The primary purpose of the Minor in Film Studies is to enhance student learning regarding: 1) the production of film, 2) global history of film, 3) interpretation of film, 4) the uses of film, and 5) the art of filmmaking. Students at CSUSM will better understand the art of filmmaking. They will do so not only by analyzing films with the help of theories, but also by having the collaborative experience of making at least one short film.

The secondary purposes of the Minor in Film Studies are numerous. They loosely fit under three categories: educating an existing public, supporting the University Mission Statement, and building long-term community linkages.

Students whose primary interest is production should see the Video/Film Production Minor .

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. To expose students to the various aspects of the production of film and the art of filmmaking with the opportunity for them to make at least one short film.
  2. To gain knowledge of the global history of film.
  3. To practice and gain insight into the interpretation of film from a theoretical perspective.
  4. To explore the various uses of film.


Completion of eighteen (18) units of credit, twelve (12) units of which must be at the upper-division level.

Required Core Course: (3 Units)

Three (3) Units in Each of the Following Areas

It is strongly recommended that students vary the disciplines from which they take the courses.

One (1) Elective Course Approved (3 Units)

For Film Studies credit. The selection may include Independent Research or Internships; FMST 398 , FMST 495 , and FMST 499  may be applied here whether they are taken Credit/No Credit or for a letter grade. All other courses approved for the FMST Minor that have not already been used for the following sections may be used for the elective: Film and Theory / Film and Production / Film Society, and Culture / Film and History. Work done under other disciplines, and not listed above, will require prior approval by the Program Coordinator.

Total (18 Units)

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