Jun 17, 2024  
2024-2025 Catalog 
2024-2025 Catalog

College of Business Administration


CoBA aspires to be a leader in innovative and excellent business education that advances student success, strengthens the economic vitality of Southern California, and facilitates social mobility for all.


CoBA provides a transformative business education that prepares our diverse student body for success in an evolving economy and society. Our faculty delivers a relevant and innovative curriculum, upholding high academic standards. We integrate theory and practice, guided by scholarship and collaborations with industry experts and community leaders.




Ronald Ramirez, Ph.D.
Markstein Hall, Suite 422
(760) 750-4211

Associate Dean:

Mohammad Oskoorouchi, Ph.D.
Markstein Hall, Suite 422
(760) 750-4211

MBA Office:

Markstein Hall, Suite 332
(760) 750-4243


Benjamin Hubbard, Ph.D., CPA
Eugie Lee, Ph.D.
Alan Styles, Ph.D.
Yushi Tian, Ph.D.
Linying (Jolynn) Zhou, Ph.D.

Dongnyoung Kim, Ph.D.
Andreas Rauterkus, Ph.D.
Qi Sun, Ph.D.
Wenyuh Tsay, Ph.D.

Bennett W. Cherry, Ph.D.
Jeffrey C. Kohles, Ph.D.
Serhan Kotiloglu, Ph.D.
Kim McCarthy, Ph. D.
Aaron McDonald, Ph.D.
Ofer Meilich, Ph.D.
Paola Ometto, Ph.D.
Rajnandini Pillai, Ph.D.
Cata Ratiu, Ph. D.
Eric Rhodes, Ph.D.
Bruce Louis Rich, Ph.D.
Vanessa Shum, Ph.D.
Emily Tarr, Ph.D.

Management Information Systems
Fang Fang, Ph.D.
Yuzhang Han, Ph.D.
Chetan Kumar, Ph.D.
Yi Sun, Ph.D.

Minoo Ashoori, Ph.D.
Glen H. Brodowsky, Ph.D.
Vassilis Dalakas, Ph.D.
Abigail Nappier-Chreup, Ph.D.
Meegan Feori-Payne, Ph.D.
Rebeca Dellegrazie-Perren, Ph.D.
Kristin Stewart, Ph.D.
Marcus Wardley, Ph.D.


Operations and Supply Chain Management
Robert Aboolian, Ph.D.
Hedayat Alibeiki, Ph.D.
Zahra Gharibi, Ph.D.
Majid Karimi, Ph.D.
Nima Zaerpour, Ph.D.


Faculty Emeriti & Emeritae:

Beverlee Anderson, Ph.D.
Faculty Emerita, Marketing

George Diehr, Ph.D.
Faculty Emeritus, Management Science

Martin Gannon, Ph.D.
Faculty Emeritus, Strategic and International Management

Nen-Chen Hwang, Ph.D., CPA, CMA
Faculty Emeritus, Accounting

Soheila Jorjani, Ph.D.
Faculty Emeritus, Management Science

Jack Y. Leu, Ph.D.
Faculty Emeritus, Management Information Systems

Sheldon X. C. Lou, Ph.D.
Faculty Emeritus, Production and Operations Management

Trini U. Melcher, Ph.D., CPA
Faculty Emerita, Accounting

John R. Montanari, D.B.A.
Faculty Emeritus, Management

Wayne Neu, Ph.D.
Faculty Emeritus, Marketing

Gary Oddou, Ph.D.
Faculty Emeritus, Organizational Behavior

Alan Omens, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus, Management and Organizational Behavior

Camille Schuster, Ph.D.
Professor Emerita, Marketing

Kathleen Watson, Ph.D.
Faculty Emerita,Organizational Behavior