Jun 02, 2023  
2021-2022 Catalog 
2021-2022 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Values, Mission and Vision


California State University San Marcos is an academic community dedicated to the values of:

Intellectual Engagement

Learning, teaching, discovery, and application of knowledge


Shared commitments to service, teamwork, and partnership


Respect, honesty, trust, fairness, academic freedom, and responsibility


Creativity, openness to change, flexibility, responsiveness, and future focus


Individual and cultural diversity, and multiple perspectives


California State University San Marcos focuses on the student as an active participant in the learning process. Students work closely with a faculty of active scholars and artists, whose commitment to sustained excellence in teaching, research, and community partnership enhances student learning. The university offers rigorous undergraduate and graduate programs distinguished by exemplary teaching, innovative curricula, and the application of new technologies. Cal State San Marcos provides a range of services that respond to the needs of a student body with diverse backgrounds, expanding student access to an excellent and affordable education. As a public university, Cal State San Marcos grounds its mission in the public trust, alignment with regional needs, and sustained enrichment of the intellectual, civic, economic, and cultural life of our region and state.


In its second decade, California State University San Marcos will become a distinctive public university known for academic excellence, service to the community, and improving learning through creative uses of technology. In its teaching and student services, Cal State San Marcos will combine the academic strengths of a large university with the close personal interactions characteristic of smaller institutions. Our curriculum will build upon its strong foundation in the liberal arts and sciences to increase student achievement of the knowledge, skills, and competencies needed in a global society experiencing accelerated technological, social, and environmental change. Students also will select from a growing array of specialized programs responsive to state and regional needs. All members of the campus will work to provide an environment that supports the work of students and faculty. Cal State San Marcos will celebrate and capitalize on its diversity to form a learning community committed to this shared vision.