Oct 22, 2020  
2019-2020 Catalog 
2019-2020 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Art, Media, and Design, Digital and Media Arts (DAMA) Option, B.A.

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Program of Study

The Art, Media, and Design major offers students an engaged, creative and professional approach to arts at the intersection of analog and digital technologies. This major with two options offers studio and theory courses in traditional and digital media. Students combine these media fields with courses in community-based practice, cultural studies, performance, traditional and new media art history and theory as well as service learning. The Bachelor of Arts in Art, Media, and Design gives students innovative, challenging and focused experiences as they proceed through a series of required lower-division courses and a selection of upper-division courses taught by an interdisciplinary, internationally recognized, award-winning faculty in film, video, photography, design, sculpture, installation art, public art, new media and writing. Students work actively with faculty and engage in projects in and outside of the classroom/studio.

Career Opportunities

An Art, Media, and Design major provides students with the opportunity to choose a focus that best corresponds to the career path they expect to pursue, and prepares them for a variety of occupations. These may include fields such as: design; video production; studio art; public and community art; performance art; photojournalism; art criticism and curatorial work in the fields of traditional, digital and media art; and graduate studies or professional programs.

Special Conditions for the Bachelor of Arts in Art, Media, and Design

Each course counted toward the major must be completed with a grade of C (2.0) or better. The B.A. in Arts, Media, and Design maintains the same general Undergraduate Admissions  and Graduation Requirements  and/or transfer policies/requirements described in the CSUSM catalog.

Core Courses for the Art, Media, and Design Major

Shared lower-division and upper-division cores courses are designed to give students in the AMD major a solid foundation with which to pursue their study in the option of their choice.

General Education Requirements (48 Units)

General Education Requirements  

Language Proficiency (0-9 Units)

All Art, Media, and Design majors must meet a second-language proficiency requirement.  This is satisfied with a 200-level class or demonstrating proficiency in a language other than English. For details on how to satisfy this requirement, please refer to Language Proficiency Requirement  .

Breadth Requirement (3 Units)

Additional course in Upper Division Arts and Humanities (CC designated) outside the major. This requirement can also count as the CC requirement in Upper Division General Education, but it must be taken in an Arts and Humanities or Interdisciplinary program other than Art, Media, and Design.  Any course carrying the CC designation outside of Art, Media, and Design can be used to fulfill this requirement.  If a student chooses to satisfy their UDGE CC outside the major, the breadth requirement will become 3 free elective units. 

Art, Media, and Design Coursework (27 Units)

Lower-Division Studio (3 Units)

Select one from:

Upper-Division Professional Preparation (3 Units)

Major Requirements (24 Units)

Digital and Media Arts (DAMA) Option

Designed for students who desire a foundation in web design, film production, video, sound and new media expression (mobile and social media, computer gaming and interactive design).  Students whose interest is primarily film history and theory are encouraged to explore the Film Studies Minor. 

Both the DAMA and AVC Options celebrate the integration of analog and digital technologies. While DAMA emphasizes the digital, AVC is grounded in the analog. Some students may find that their interests lie in both.  For example, students with an interest in photography or graphic design could select either option.

DAMA Lower-Division Studio (6 Units)

Select two from:

DAMA Upper-Division Studio (9 Units)

Select three from the list below OR from the Art, Media, and Design Coursework Upper-Division Studio list (cannot double-count courses already used from the shared list):

DAMA Upper-Division Electives (6 Units)

Students may take these electives in any art discipline (including AVC, DAMA, Dance, Music, Theatre).

Minimum Total (120 Units)

Students must take a sufficient number of elective units to bring the total number of units to a minimum of 120

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