Aug 19, 2018  
2018-19 CATALOG 
2018-19 CATALOG

General Education - Area D: Social Sciences

Through a comprehensive study of American history and the development of American Institutions and ideals, students will acquire knowledge and skills that will help them comprehend the workings of American democracy and the society in which they live. Students will engage in comprehensive study of American government including the historical development of American institutions and ideals, the Constitution of the United States and the operation of representative democratic government under that Constitution, and the processes of state and local government. The knowledge and skills they acquire will enable them to contribute to society as responsible and constructive citizens.

Nine (9) units of social sciences at the lower division, distributed as follows:

American Institutions and Ideals. (6 units)

D7 Interdisciplinary Social Sciences. (3 units)

Students will be able to identify the methods of inquiry for more than one social science discipline, summarize how the social science disciplines examined in these courses are inextricably interwoven, and explain the usefulness of an interdisciplinary approach for studying social phenomena and issues. They will be able to describe historical and contemporary perspectives of social issues and problems, and acknowledge both western and non-western contributions to current social issues and problems. Students will be able to demonstrate how and why race, class, and gender are among the most important categories of social scientific analysis.