Aug 19, 2018  
2018-19 CATALOG 
2018-19 CATALOG

General Education - Area C: Arts and Humanities

Students will be expected both to analyze and to create. Within these courses, they will develop habits of analytical rigor, and they will explore their own creativity in an active fashion. Students will appreciate the interrelationship of the intellect and the emotions, of mind and heart, and will explore the aesthetic, metaphysical, and ethical linkages, as well as differences, among individuals and among cultures. By perceiving, understanding, and valuing the ideas, works of arts, philosophies, and approaches to spirituality that represent the broad spectrum of men and women across the ages and in diverse cultures, students will explore the meaning of community from a personal and a global perspective, grow towards an understanding of global justice, develop the foundation for making wise personal choices and for transforming one’s world, and nurture personal freedom, expression, and responsibility. They will integrate their knowledge and make connections across disciplines.

All Students must take one course at the lower division in each of the four areas: C1, C2, C3, and CC.

Nine (9) units in the arts and humanities, distributed as follows.

C1: Arts. (3 units)

C2: Humanities. (3 units)

C3: Arts and/or Humanities. (3 units)


Courses in the same subject area as the courses taken to satisfy the C1 and C2 requirements, independent study courses, internship courses, approved critical thinking (A3) courses, approved American history Dh courses, approved upper-division science and/or mathematics (BB) courses, and approved upper-division social sciences (DD) courses. Note that completion of a single course can be counted toward only one of the requirements (C1, C2, C, and CC), but AH 111 may be repeated to satisfy both the C1 and C2 requirements.

Coursework taken for the Language-Other-Than-English Requirement may also be counted in Area C.